Press Release

Virtual Racers' Online Connection

Contact Information:

John O'Keefe

Alison Hine

10/17/98 - The APEX and Eagle Woman's Grand Prix Legends, two of the Web's most popular Grand Prix Legends sites, today announced the availability of the Virtual Racers' Online Connection, a Web-based facility designed to assist Grand Prix Legends enthusiasts in finding and join other racers in online racing events.

VROC supports hosting and joining GPL races, and automatically launches GPL when a player chooses to host or join. VROC also incorporates a chat mechanism which racers can use to discuss possible race venues or whatever they wish outside of GPL, thus eliminating the need for third party chat facilities.

VROC has performed successfully in an open beta test. GPL races hosted via digital connections such as cable modem and T1 line have successfully supported as many as 20 human players.

GPL makes it easy to "advertise" to other racers any races a player hosts, and easy for other people to join that race. Over the last two weeks, the beta team has launched and participated in many races hosted through VROC.

While the VROC team does plan many enhancements, including automatic scren refreshes and Microsoft Internet Explorer support, VROC is simply too useful already to keep it under our hats any longer.

See the new VROC in operation at:

Racers should be sure to note the prerequisites and follow the instructions carefully.

GPL-related Web sites are encouraged to add links from their sites to the VROC site. A file containing graphics which can be used for these links is available at the VROC web site.

See you at the track!