VROC: Virtual Racers' Online Connection

Online Leagues and Clubs

VROC serves as the focus of a thriving internet-based worldwide racing community. Many online GPL racing leagues and clubs host their races on VROC, and most of these use WinVROC Chat to meet before and after races.

See the Online Leagues section on Alison's Site for a discussion of some of the leagues and clubs you can join.

Here are more sources for information about online racing organizations:

Compuserve GPL League

Update: the Compuserve GPL League has been supplanted by a new organization called the LGNDS League, which uses an eGroup to organize its events and keep its members in touch. Compuserve membership is no longer required.

Contact the LGNDS League administrator for more information.

Achim has this to say about the Compuserve league:

"You have to be a member of Compuserve to participate. We meet either in the CIS Chatroom of our Sportsims forum (GO-word within Compuserve is "CIS:sprtsims" or on ICQ (both can be monitored in parallel using the same Internet connection), so if anyone is interested in meeting a few older, more mature racers, for whom competition is not the be-all-end-all, he might want to drop by and meet us.

"The regular racedates are Wednesday 21:30 GMT, and Sunday 8:00 GMT and Sunday 17:00 GMT, and the next race will be on January 6, 1999. My UIN is 2226232, and that of Roel Mooi, the other commissioner, is 18524559."